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We Work With You On The Entire College Search and Application (and Audition) Process

Whether you are seeking a liberal arts college where you may choose a major from anthropology to zoology or whether you are looking to train for a performing arts career while attending a four year college….(and everything in between), as your dance college advisor, we can assist you in finding the best fit college programs for you.

Additionally, we are also skilled to work with you to answer the following questions:
How do you combine a student’s love of performing with academics?
How can you leverage that passion in a application to a liberal arts college?
Is dance, theatre, or music a hook to get into a selective college?
What about a student who plans a career as an actor, dancer, or musician but we doesn’t want to limit his or her options?

Our extensive experience can provide confident answers to these questions and most others.

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As your advisor, we will review every factor of your college application. This includes high school transcripts, extra curricular activities, application & interview preparations, and much more. From there, we review your performing arts background, your aspirations and goals in the arts, and how all these factors work together.

College Searches

The application process is not only about finding a school that wants you, it’s about finding a school that you want as well! As a performing arts student, this is more challenging because you need to find the college that meets both your academic and creative needs. Whether it’s dance, theater, or music, we have a comprehensive database and thorough knowledge of what schools we will advise you to further investigate.

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About Founder, Margo Rudman Gold

Performing Arts College Consultants was founded by Margo Rudman Gold.

Margo is an IEC (Independent Educational Consultant).  In addition to expertise in general college admissions counseling her special expertise is in college dance as well as theatre and music programs.

She has a B.A. in French from Tufts University, spent her junior year at Institute of European Studies in Paris, and attended the Masters in Teaching program at Manhattanville College.  She received Educational Consultant training at the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) Summer Training Institute on the Swarthmore College campus.

Margo has been an alumni interviewer for Tufts University and tutors ACT/SAT students.   She keeps her finger on the pulse of the college admissions field through active participation in national and regional college admissions organizations.  She visits colleges regularly …often on specialized consultant’s tours, and speaks frequently with college dance and theatre departments.  This enables her to offer her students the insider’s perspective.

She is a veteran of the arts college search personally as well as professionally. Her daughter is a dance major at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts and her son is a recent graduate of Northwestern University with a B.A. in Theatre.

She is a member of NACAC and an Associate Member of IECA.

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